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Spirit Chaser Series
"Welcome" Wind Chime and Bell
44"long x 46"high x 8"deep
Scrap metal and wood
Bill Wilson 2021

Spirit Chasers are giant wind chimes that can also be used as screens, room dividers or abstract dimensional hangings.  They are made from bullet riddled propane tanks and metal found in the Mojave Desert, and salvaged metal parts found at garage sales and flea markets. The wood hangers are made from Smoke Tree, Tamarisk, Manzanita, Acacia and other woods that have dried on the desert or mountain floor.

Brutalist in nature, Welcome is composed of Smoke Tree wood, square metal stock, copper pipe, steel pipe, bullet riddle propane tanks and fire extinguishers, glass insulator, and a bell.  Welcome serves the dual purpose of allowing a guest to announce their arrival and protecting an abode from evil spirits.

Each Spirit Chaser has a unique pitch and sound. No two are alike and it is possible to change the pitch and sound by rearranging the strings of objects that are suspended from the wood hanger.

Each Spirit Chaser has a unique pitch and sound.  Wind chimes are considered percussion instruments  They are usually hung outside of a building or residence as a visual and aural garden ornament. Since the percussion instruments are struck according to the random effects of the wind blowing the chimes, the sounds emanated from wind chimes have been considered an example of chance-based music. The tubes or rods may sound either indistinct or distinct pitches.

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