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Cactus Lanterns
Garden Art
Road To Nowhere

Images of the garden at Vista Chino between 2014-2018.  The garden is constantly undergoing change, and even in the desert we have planting, blooming, growing, and dormant seasons.  We can plant here from mid-September through late spring, April/May.  After the heat starts letting up in September a 2-3 month period of concentrated bloom and growth occurs.  Then as nights cool down in late November and December the bloom slows and we face our chilliest months, January and February, our winter dormant period.  Then another dazzling spring frenzy of bloom happens from late February through May.  Summer months are all about survival and once again we face a pseudo dormant period, and in August, generally our hottest month, even the high heat bloomers can only take so much before they shut down, leaves curled slightly. 

“There are many who would plant a garden, but few who are gardeners.”

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Garden Art at Vista Chino I

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