outsider art inspired by the deserts of the southwest

Amo Lightbox

Ceiling Hung Light

Dimensions:  Box 14″ wide x 8″ deep x 12″ high.  Length with Suspension Branch  51″ long

Artist Maker:  Desert Decorative Arts by Bill Wilson

Scavenged shot metal ammo box, manzanita wood (August 2020)


New Work

Sailing Stone I

(scavenged metal and glass with digital printed matter in clear epoxy 32″w x 48″h) $1900 Artifacts Series

Sailing Stone II

(scavenged metal and glass with digital printed matter in clear epoxy 32″w x 48″h) $1900 Artifacts Series

Buddha in Lily Pond II

(Photo Collage 32 x 48) $995 to $1995 Spiritual Icon Series

Buddha in Lily Pond I

(Photo Collage 45 x 45) Spiritual Icons Series $995 to $2495


(Image embedded in Epoxy 32 x 48) $995 to $1995 Lost Horizons Series


Series Highlights

Road to Nowhere and Amboy Trains I

2019 (Photo collage in epoxy) $995-$1995

Kismet Lodge

2019 (Photo collage in epoxy) $995-$2495

Lost Horizons of the Mojave

Artist Statement

Lost Horizons is a series of photo collages based on roadside images shot while traveling the backroads of the Mojave Desert between Palm Springs and Las Vegas.  Infinite vistas of sand and mountains.  Decaying ruins.  Miles of Jurassic Joshua Tree forests.  Trains heading east and west so long they slide into infinity.  Desert life hides everywhere in plain sight, gulping the scant moisture brought in with the cool nights, displaying a spurt of life and growth either side of the hot months.  The long summer days when life enters a state of suspended animation, coming alive at dusk, disappearing with the first hot rays of morning sunlight.

Cactus Lighting 

romantic garden lighting

cactusLanterns are crafted from discarded propane tanks that are used for target practice.  A combination of upcycling and Industrial Modern chic, these unique, garden and patio limited edition lanterns, wall lights, and garden light covers will cast a beautiful, soft pattern of light in your garden.


Organic Sculpture for Home and Garden

The chollaBowl’s raw, abstract geometric forms and rough textures are reminiscent of the 50’s-60’s Brutalist design movement.  Great for the garden or indoor.  Pick from our stock or custom order to fit a specific space and environment.

Temple Chimes

Giant one of a kind wind chimes made with scavenged shot metal propane tanks, steel, copper and aluminum tubing, and found objects that are suspended off sun dried Tamarisk, Manzanita, Smoke Tree and other California Native Woods.  Every Temple Chime is handmade and one-of-a-kind.  Feel free to shoot us an email if you want your Temple Chime customized.   

Listen to Temple Chimes

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